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Ecolab, Inc. (referred to as Economics Laboratory before 1986) is a sanitation supply company with corporate headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota. Ecolab was founded in 1923 and provides a wide variety of sanitation and pest control supplies, food service equipment parts, chemical products used by beef and poultry processors to reduce pathogens like E. coli and salmonella as well as food safety services and consulting to hospitals, food and beverage plants, restaurants, schools, retail and commercial properties. The company is currently the global leader of cleaning, sanitizing, pest elimination, food safety and infection prevention products with more then $6 billion global sales and over 26,000 employees. Ecolab is an S&P 500 and Fortune 500 company and traded on the New York Stock Exchange as ECL. In 2010 Ecolab moved up seventy three spots in Fortune 500 magazine at #365 as well as number 228 in market value, 183 in return on sales, 111 in return on total assets, 131 for return on equity and 72 in total return to shareholders over ten years. Ecolab was named one of the ?World?s Most Ethical Companies? in 2011 by the Ethisphere magazine for the fourth year in a row. They were one of less than 100 companies out of 10,000 to receive the award.

Company Headquarters: St. Paul, Minnesota

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